Monday, March 3, 2008

New Pics

So I´ve finally taken a few pics of my daily activities. The church is the main one in the very tiny town I live in. During church services the stray dogs wander up and down the main aisle. You can also see my very snazzy room. I´m especially a fan of the giant panda blanket. Then there´s the volcano Cayambe which is quite stunning (I just hope it doesn´t decide to act up). The last two pics are my host mom, sister, and me having fun with onions. We spent about half the day transplanting onion plants and getting very dirty (me more than them). It was nice to get outside after sitting in classes all week. Although this week in class for a cultural activity we learned some of the popular dances. I now know how to salsa, meringue, and dance some other local dances that I forget the names of. It must have been quite humorous for our language teachers watching all of us gringos try to move our hips.

One bummer is that I´m really missing my cheerios. The food here is good, but cereal is super expensive and I haven´t seen cheerios anywhere. You can probably only get them in Quito. I don´t really miss anything else, as they have plenty of dulces here to satisfy my sweet tooth should the need arrive. I´ve really enjoyed the juices my host mom makes. This week she mixed beets, carrots, and berries together and it was delicous. For lunch I have this sandwich/pastery thingy with ham, pineapple and cheese that is also very yummy. So I´m definitely not lacking except for the cheerios.


Sarah said...

If we were to mail you cheerios, how long would it take?

You should bottle that juice. Californias are crazy for juices.

Delite said...

the pics are awesome and I love reading about your adventures! It's good to see you are still getting dirty and loving it! I will gladly mail you Cheerios too, but I don't think they would get to you, right? Sad.


Laura said...

You have no idea how much I wish I could mail you Cheerios.... but I love seeing the pictures and glad you've got dirt back under your nails where it belongs!