Saturday, March 29, 2008

swimming, swimming in the swimming pool =)

Wow, what a difference 3 hours makes! We left the Andes last saturday for the cloud forest. After a three hour bus ride we were in a very humid and beautiful rainforest. Not only that, but we are staying at a really nice camp/resort center with a pool (yay!). Needless to say, the first thing most of us did after arriving, was to take advantage of the swimming pool. The food as well as been really good (actual spagetti as opposed to noodles and ketchup), but the humidity and bugs have not been quite so fun. Everyone looks like they have some horrible disease with all their bug bites. Plus I spent the first two days rather sore as I was stupid and got sunburn on my shoulders the first day. I was thinking I would only go into the pool for a little while and get back out but instead we all ended up playing a rather intense water polo match so my shoulders and face were a bit red. But the water polo was awesome!
As far as the productive stuff we´ve been doing, we´ve studied cacao and banana production, as well as doing some interpersonal/active listening seminars (boring, plus I dislike that stuff anyway). The people in charge love to play those silly ice-breaker/team building games which I can´t stand. I´ve also learned a lot about terracing and planting things on a slope. Of course we did all that sort of digging stuff on the hottest, humidest day so we were all sweating buckets. Luckily we always have the pool to look forward too. I´m about ready to head back up the mountains, which some of us are doing tommorrow (we´re splitting into groups based on what region your site is in). I´ll let you all know how that trip goes next weekend, as well as get some pictures up since I didn´t bring my connector thingy with me. ¡Adios!

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