Thursday, March 13, 2008

Death of the Cuy

So today we had a workshop at the farm of a host family of one of the other trainees. In the process of this workshop we saw a cuy (guinea pig) castrated and another one killed. They were rather interesting procedures, however I won´t go into the details here as I don´t want to offend any of the more squeamish. I know cuys are a good source of protein but there doesn´t seem to be a lot of meat on them to eat.
One unforseen devolopment to the training is that now we are not going to visit our sites next week. The original plan was that everyone was going to split up and visit their sites for a week, then we were all going to meet up at this other spot for more training, and then during the third week we´d have area specific training (coast, mountains, amazon). However due to all the flooding the powers that be don´t want to risk sending us all of in different directions, so we´re going to be staying where we are (at least for next week). I was looking forward to seeing my site, which makes this kind of a bummer, but I´ll have 2 yrs to see it so it´s all good.

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