Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tastes like chicken

So I had my first taste of cuy today. It didn´t actually taste like chicken, but it was pretty good. It was kind of difficult to eat as there wasn´t a whole lot of meat (hey that rhymes). My host family was all watching me take my first bite to see how the gringa would react. I think they were disapointed that my reaction wasn´t stronger. In other news, I only recently discovered that we actually do have hot water in the house. All my showers have been freezing cold, and I just assumed that´s how it was as most of the other volunteers only get cold showers. I don´t know how my host mom figured out that my showers weren´t warm (maybe the duration of them), but the other day she asked me if my shower was cold. When I said yes, she told me the secret is to turn the hot water knob back and forth several times until it got warm. Definitely not something I ever would have figured out! Now I am enjoying warm showers, yay! Another cultural misunderstanding occurded the other week when my host sister and I were watching tv. There was a commercial involving chocolate and I jokingly said than I wanted some (I think the commercial said "give me chocolate" and I agreed) so later my host sister went out and got some! I felt so bad and tried to explain that I was just joking.
In other food news, thanks to all of you who offered to send cheerios but it definitely wouldn´t make it through customs. My breakfast usually includes yogurt, bread, tea, and hot chocolate. The yogurt, tea and hot chocolate are things I never liked in the states but are growing on me now. Especially the yogurt since it´s supper fresh as it´s made in my town. But if anyone comes to visit and has room in their bag, they can always bring cheerios =)
So today was the big palm sunday service which was interesting. It started with everyone meeting at the volleyball courts to walk to the church with their branches. A lot of people brought roses which added some color to the procession. In case you were wondering roses are dirt cheap around here because all the roses you buy in the states come from here (people were shocked at how expensive they are int the states). Anyway, I digress. So we walked to the church, with everyone singing and then there was the regular service. My host dad asked me if the service was long for me (it was about 2 hours), but I told him after the vigilia in Costa Rica nothing seemed long.
So that´s been all the excitement this weekend. I´m happy as I did laundry and the rain held of long enough for all my stuff to dry =)

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