Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun with public transportation

So I don´t think I´ve expounded much yet on the joys of the bus system here. On the plus side it´s very cheap, at least relative to the states. It cost us $1.00 to go roundtrip from here to Otavalo, which is about an hour drive. On the minus side, they're generally crowded and the bus drivers like to play chicken with oncoming traffic to pass. This is especially exciting on the winding andean highways. Another added excitement for my daily commute is that the one road from my town to where I change buses is getting dangerously close to washing out. I enjoy my daily dose of Indian jones ride-esque excitment, although I keep waiting for the day we get stuck.
This week so far has been pretty fun. Saturday evening I went to a concert with my host siblings. They told me it would be over late, and I was like, "sure, that´s cool", thinking it would be over around 11 or 12. It turns out that the concert went until 3, however my host brother took pity on me and drove me back to the house around 12:30. On monday the agriculture training group visited an awesome organic farm outside of Quito. The owner was this cool old guy who got fed up with current ag systems and wanted to show that organic farming works. They fed us this incredible organic meal of lasgana, salad, fresh berries and beans. It was nice getting to eat lettuce, as we´re not allowed normally since most farms around here use night soil to fertilize lettuce (night soil being human excrement). Today we heard about some of the sites we might be at, which all sound really neat.


Naomi said...

night soil. creepy.

Sarah said...

Night soil....!!!!!