Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My brain hurts . . .

ayyyy, so much spanish! We´ve started our intensive training classes, so we have 8 hours of that as well as trying to communicate with our families. My teacher is really nice and patient with us. They´ve divided us up in groups of 4 or 5 based on our levels, and my group is really cool. There´s an older couple in my group that has been just about everywhere and they have some pretty funny stories.
I´ve been having fun with my host family too. My host mom was impressed that I knew how to make tortillas (thank you heifer) and that I´d worked on a farm. I´m still getting used to all the hugging and kissing. I went to a little concert at someone´s house the other night and it was like going through a receiving line at a wedding, having to hug and kiss everyone. The food is muy deliciosa, especially this hot sauce called aji that you can put on everything. This morning I had fresh piña y jugo de piña, yum! Well I should probably sign off, as my host mom gets worried if I´m not back at a reasonable hour.

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Laura said...

Man, I remember that feeling from when I was in Japan. My brain hurts just thinking about how much your brain must hurt!!
At least you already have a bit of a base to work off of, thanks to our friend Juan and the telenovellas!
(I probably spelled telenovellas wrong... oops)