Thursday, February 21, 2008

Living large in ecuador

So I´m slowly getting used to the fact that I pretty much tower over everyone in Ecuador (except for the other gringos). I´m also getting used to being stared at most places. I went to a party with my host sister saturday, and everyone kept doing double takes everytime they looked my direction. I also had to dissuade my host family that not everyone in the US has blue eyes (apparently a common misconception).
This week was fun as we had less classroom time and more farm/wandering around the town time. The people in my language class all live in different communities than me so we spent two afternoons visiting each other´s communities. In one town we got a private tour of this religious museum in the main church, which was very interesting. There were all kind of weird old artifacts and artwork. We also got a tour of this yogurt/cheese factory that was similar to one I´d seen in California. On another field trip all of us trainees went to this really cool organic farm that has cows, sheep, llamas, guinea pigs, and a rather large vegetable garden. We helped make biol (a liquid poop/green material mixture) that you use as fertilizer and pest repellent. This weekend I´m heading to Otavalo which has the biggest crafts market in South America. Hope everyone reading this is well and considerbly drier than me (it being the rainy season here and all).


Naomi said...

I'm at grandma and grandpa's house, and they told me about your blog--I will be checking it frequently. :D It's good to be able to hear what life is like for you and how you are doing--since it has been YEARS since I've seen you (unfortunately). I am thinking of you! Love- Naomi

davis said...

rock on. so what your saying is that i would be like the yao ming of ecuador when i come visit?