Friday, August 1, 2008

Don't miss driving

so the internet is being finicky and i had a longer post but it got deleted. so this one is going to be short now cause i´m feeling lazy. anyway i was thinking the other day that i´ve only been in a vehicle 7-8 times over the past 3 months and i don´t really miss it. Today however i do as i had to get up at 3 am to catch the bus into town. but most of the time i´m pretty happy to just walk places and not be creating more pollution with driving.

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Denis said...

Hey Linea,

I hadn't read your blog since I started travelling so I just now caught up with all your posts. Congrats on finishing your first three months. Let me know how that whole house vs widening of the road thing works out and please say hello from me to Aurelio's family, Jose Luis and Patricia, my compadres Lucho and Yolanda and of course the Itupungo group.

It sounds like you're doing great and that you're doing some good work so keep it up!