Sunday, July 13, 2008

Computer Expert?

This is a title I thought I would never have, especially given the fact that everyone in my family knows more than I do. But I've had requests in town to help out with computers, and I don't think I've permanetly screwed anything up. My excel and powerpoint skills are a bit rusty but are coming back. It doesn't help that the menu is in spanish, although now I know the spanish words for print and save =) The problem is that all the computers here are very old PCs which are very slow and clunky. Oh well, I've successfully taught how to make tables and graphs so I figure that's a good start.
In other news I have a boyfriend here in town. He has just graduated, likes to go on walks, and enjoys making cookies. The fact that he is four is only a minor impedement. It has become the town joke these days that my little host brother is my "novio" because I walked him to preschool a few times. Everyone asks me how my boyfriend is doing or when the wedding is. The preschool had a little graduation ceremony the other day which was very cute. It isn't just an american thing that little kids insist on yelling instead of singing the songs.
Well that's all from here. Tommorrow is my birthday but I'm not planning on anything exciting. Tonight I'm baking a cake with my host family and we're going to watch Harry Potter which will be fun.


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Linea!

Laura said...

Hahaha! You really had me going with the boyfriend thing for a moment there! That's too cute. :)
I hope you had a great b-day!!