Thursday, April 15, 2010

Almost there . . .

I'm in Quito finishing up paperwork and bank stuff. I have officially left my site and fly back to the states on Sunday. It still hasn't really sunk in yet. This past week I kept telling myself that this was it, but it hasn't registered. I had two good-bye parties, one on Monday and one last Friday. So I OD'ed on potatoes and guinea pig, and would be perfectly happy not to see either one again for awhile (especially boiled potatoes). Luckily everyone is used to me not drinking so I didn't have to worry about being force fed beer. I promised everyone I would try to come back some day, but who knows when that will be. I made a last bach of cookies with the kids at my house yesterday and had a nice quiet dinner with my host family. Now I'm jumping through all the hoops to officially end my Peace Corps service (this wouldn't be a gov't organization without reems of paperwork. I'll get that stuff done tomorrow and then have Saturday to do whatever. I was thinking about going up to Otavalo where they have the big crafts market (we went there during training for a day) but now I'm feeling lazy and might just wander around Quito for the day (and buy lots of strawberries at the market here). We'll see. For now I'm just looking forward to getting things done for the day and going to my hostal and crashing (at least this was my last early morning bus ride!).

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