Tuesday, January 13, 2009

just a quick post . . .

to say that i'm back in my site. The rainy season has officially started with a vengence so it's been pretty gloomy around here. I did get quite a enthusiastic welcome from the younger kids in the family. I brought back some of the sacigewia (I'm not sure how to spell that) dollars because they use those here. however the ones that i have are brand new which was a cause for some excitement as well as some suspicion. one the ladies at the vegetable market wasn't sure at first if it was real money since it was so shiny. i gave a few to the kids in my host family as belated xmas presents as well as some kids books in spanish. we also made some real chocolate chip cookies as i brought back a huge back of choco chips. the only problem was that most of the bag got squashed so they've all congealed into a huge brick of chocolate. oh well at least they still taste good!


PsyChick said...

if there is one thing they need to learn about the US, it's our love of chocolate chip cookies!!

but seriously, having such a nice treat probably means a lot to them. :)

Jeff said...


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